Jr. Safari Summer Camp

Zookeeping 101

  • Welcome! Check in each day starts at 8:30am. Please have your camper wear their Yellow Camp Shirt each day. This helps us identify our Campers while out on the Zoo!
  • Friday the campers will be putting on a Wildlife Presentation. Family is welcome to join us for the 2:00pm and then your camper can tour you around and show you all of the animals they have learned about all week. 


This is a private webpage that only camper parents have access to. 



Car Conversations 

Sometimes you ask a child what did you do today and get “nothing” as an answer. Here at Jr. Safari Camp we pack the camper’s day with fun and educational activities and would like to give you a few questions to help the camper remember. 

Our schedule has shifted a bit with the holiday. Some of the car questions may have sifted dates.

Questions for the Car - ZK Monday

Questions for the Car - ZK Tuesday

Questions for the Car - ZK Wednesday


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