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Turtle Conservancy - Posted 5/24/2023

Ojai, CA

Permanent Keeper Assistant

Salary: $17-20/hr

Position Description:MISSIONThe Turtle Conservancy (TC) is dedicated to protecting threatened turtles and tortoises and theirhabitats worldwide. The Conservancy is a public charity that was established in 2005 and is certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). We target our limited resources on a small number of projects that include conserving species in their natural habitat, maintaining captive breeding programs to help restore natural populations, monitoring and helping to prevent trade that threatens species, developing capacity of turtle conservation workers in key areas, and promoting the appreciation ofturtles worldwide.JOB DESCRIPTIONThis is a permanent position in Ojai, CA. Keeper Assistants at the TC help with daily care of the animal collection, participate in routine maintenance, provide courteous assistance to occasional visitors,perform other duties as assigned, and are valuable members of the TC team.

RESPONSIBILITIESo Provide daily care of the animal collection.o Assist in feeding, watering, raising, training, capturing, containing, and moving animals according to protocols or as directed.o Perform cleaning and sanitation of animal exhibits, enclosures, food preparation areas, and utensils according to protocols as scheduled and as directed.o Observe, report, and record reproductive and laying behavior.o Identify nests and report them to supervisors.o Provide enrichment as directed.o Help prepare animal feed according to protocols or as directed by supervisors.o Monitor, observe, and record animal data according to protocols and as directed.o Follow protocols for control of wildlife predators and vermin; suggest methods of improving extermination methods to supervisors.o Record daily activities in area logbooks, diet notebooks, daily reports, animal records, veterinary records, etc.o Perform routine maintenance of buildings, exhibits, grounds, and equipment.o Assist with cleaning and maintaining buildings and grounds according to protocols asscheduled or as directed by supervisors.o Assist in ensuring all work areas are safe, clean, and well-maintained every day.o Assist in construction, modification, and maintenance of displays, exhibits, andenclosures according to established protocols or as directed by supervisors.o Report concerns about animal areas regarding security and safety of animals, staff, andvisitors. o Provide courteous assistance to visitorso Assist in welcoming occasional visitors to the BCC.o Assist in ensuring that visitor facilities are clean, comfortable, and well maintained.o Assist with housekeeping services as needed.o Perform other duties as assigned.o Assist in writing and submitting daily reports of TC activities.o Assist in breeding and nesting according to guidelines or as directed by supervisors.o Assist in monitoring incubating eggs and managing hatchlings according to established protocols or as directed by supervisors.o Assist in monitoring, observing, and recording animal data to determine health/illness.o Assist in providing treatment and medication to sick animals according to standard protocol or as directed by supervisors or veterinarian.o Research the animals in the collection to learn about them, their care, and their habitats.o Present new information about chelonian natural history, biology, and husbandry to fellow staff, supervisors, and others.o Assist in securing buildings, grounds, and enclosures.o Perform water tests, analyze results, and report them to supervisors.o Provide educational information to curious visitors.o Lead occasional visitors on guided tours of the facilities.o Assist with inventory control to maintain optimum levels of food, supplies, materials and equipment, and their cost-effective procurement.o Assist with procurement of supplies and equipment.o Assist in the advancement and implementation of animal enclosure goals by contributing to the design and management of enclosure development.o Assist with accession and deaccession of specimens via trades/loans/purchases with other institutions/individuals.EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, AND LICENSE REQUIREMENTSo High school diploma required, college degree preferred.o Possession of a legal California Class C driver’s license or a similar license from another state, and the continuance thereof.

COMPETENCY AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTSo Basic knowledge of general herpetology and reptile husbandry.o Basic knowledge of tortoise and freshwater turtle natural history, behavior, and dietary needs.o Basic understanding of the operational characteristics, services, and activities of a zoological program.o Basic knowledge of cleaning and sanitation practices used in a zoological facility.o Excellent communication and organizational skills.o Excellent command of English is required; Spanish is desirable.o Attention to detail.o Basic knowledge of modern principles and practices of zoo building and design highly desirable.o Basic knowledge of safe animal handling practices and maintaining a safe working environment.o Basic knowledge of Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, codes, and ordinances asapplicable to possessing native and exotic wild animals desirable.o Basic knowledge of AZA Certification requirements.T U R T L E C O N S E R V A N C YSKILL AND ABILITY REQUIREMENTSo Ability to recognize and identify problems, including abnormal turtle health, and communicate these problems to supervisors.o Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, co-workers, volunteers, and visitors.o Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.o Ability to frequently walk, climb, balance, stoop, talk, and hear as may be necessary to carry out work assignments.o Ability to work outdoors year round in varying weather conditions.o Ability to work safely, recognize safety hazards, and apply proper safety precautions.o Ability to work varied schedules including weekends and some evenings and holidays.o Ability to perform routine maintenance on buildings, exhibits, grounds, equipment, and vehicles.o Ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds and ask for help with heavier items.

If interested; contact Abby at

Wild Things Outreach - Posted 5/5/2023

Contracted Show in Tampa, FL

 Salary: $20/hr, travel/housing provided.

Position Description:Contracted to perform a show a SeaWorld in Tampa, Fl during summer. All rescued/rehab/non-releasable animals.  Show has conservation message.  $20/hr, travel/housing provided. Multiple positions. Starts end of May.

Call Gabe at (530) 400-5720 asap. Send resume/cover letter to


Pacific Primate Sanctuary  - Posted 5/1/2023

Maui, HI

Resident Primate Caregiver/Documentarian Internship

Position Description:Pacific Primate Sanctuary (PPS) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, providing rehabilitation and permanent care for threatened, endangered, and distressed primates. Since 1984, the Sanctuary has maintained a federally authorized facility for New World monkeys, many of whom have been rescued from research laboratories, the exotic pet trade, and tourist attractions. The Primate Caregiver/Documentarian Internship is a unique immersion program facilitating learning about New World primates and animal sanctuary operations on an intimate, in depth, all-encompassing level. Training is tailored for each Intern and progress is evaluated at each stage of instruction. The Intern is awarded Primary Animal Caregiver Certification by senior personnel, after successfully acquiring a high level of competence, skill, and expertise in primate care, record keeping, and facility management. Interns are trained by experienced members of our staff in all aspects of New World primate care (Callithrix, Cebus, and Ateles). This is more than a full-time position and includes on-call duties as needed.In the early stages, Interns learn how to provide daily care, enrichment, and nurturing to 40+/- monkeys, preparing food, cleaning enclosures, and maintaining the Sanctuary facility. Interns then receive Emergency Care training, becoming proficient in capture, transfer, restraint and handling, and specialized individual care. They then begin to acquire skills in Colony Management. Next, Interns get specialized medical training: calculating medication dosages and administering medication, checking vital signs (temperature, respiratory, and pulse rate), providing subcutaneous fluid therapy and intensive care (heat, fluids, special diet, wound care, etc.). They play an intimate part in veterinary consults, treatment plans, and follow up.Interns also participate in Sanctuary Management: training new volunteers, keeping detailed records and reporting on the AM and PM status of the primates (in SOAP format), making updates and revisions to PPS Manuals and creating new protocol and procedure documents (Mac: Excel, Word). They read and review relevant texts and articles and present short summaries along with current primate status reports for our monthly staff meetings.Please begin making application for the Internship by submitting the following initial documents, via e-mail: your Letter of Intent in making application, your Resume/CV, and three Letters of Reference (from instructors, employers etc.) For additional information and the remainder of the application documents, please contact: pps@pacificprimate.orgQualifications/Experience:The PPS Resident Internship Selection Committee invites qualified applicants with a background and interest in animal husbandry, welfare and conservation, exotic veterinary medicine, biology, and related fields to apply for this residency. This is an entry level position in primate care. Candidates should have received, or be working towards, a university degree in biology, zoology, primatology, ecology, and other relevant majors, and/or have a minimum of one year experience working with domestic or exotic animals in a professional setting. Applicants must be 20 years of age  at the start of their Internship.  A one-year commitment and the practice of selfless service to the animals is required.  PPS does not offer any summer, or other short term Internships.The committee would welcome a mature team player with respect for others, an articulate communicator (written and spoken English) and coordinator, who seeks mutual growth for all and is able to make a commitment to the primates and the staff. The position requires a self-starter and hard worker, someone who is humble, compassionate, self-reliant, organized, professional, computer literate, open to learning, capable of problem solving and completing a task. An applicant must be able to function independently as well as in a group. The Resident Intern should be physically fit, with no criminal record or communicable diseases (a current negative tuberculosis screening is required). Resident Interns must acquire and provide proof of health insurance for the duration of the residency. This position is suitable for someone who would enjoy a rural lifestyle with simple amenities. Citizens of foreign countries will need to secure their own visas and permits independently.Salary/funding:As no medical research is conducted at the Sanctuary, our organization is not eligible for funding from any governmental agencies, nor do we receive funds from admission, as public zoos do. Therefore, we must rely solely upon donations from compassionate individuals and organizations. Our operating budget is extremely small. Financial independence for personal expenses (i.e. travel and medical needs) is required of Sanctuary Interns.Support provided for PPS Internship positions:Pacific Primate Sanctuary provides fully furnished and equipped Yurts, traditional round structures designed specifically for tropical living, with wireless internet service. The Yurts and bathroom accommodations are adjacent to the facility. Utilities, paper goods, and cleaning supplies are also supplied. Resident Interns and local PPS Volunteers maintain an on-site organic garden and fruit orchard, supporting the Sanctuary’s sustainability goals. The verdant 4-acre site is landscaped with tropical ornamentals, flowers, and trees. This position is ideal for someone who would enjoy a rural lifestyle with simple amenities, in a subtropical climate.Term of Appointment:One Year minimum.  We have immediate and future openings.


Everyone involved with Pacific Primate Sanctuary is unsalaried and the organization operates with a volunteer staff, funded solely by money donated by compassionate individuals and organizations. Our small community is made up of 5-10 local Volunteer Caregivers (who volunteer one or more shifts each week), 1-3 Animal Caregiver/Documentarian Interns, 2-3 Administrators, and an off-site support system of veterinary and other professionals.  At PPS, the needs of the primates are first and foremost. Each primate receives the best care possible for his or her physical, psychological and social well-being. The monkeys are treated with respect, compassion and empathy. They are provided the housing, social grouping, nutrition and care that best benefit their age and physical condition, and facilitate their innate, natural behavior. Since the well-being of the monkeys is our primary focus, they are not on exhibit and the facility is not open to the public. The Sanctuary is a beautiful place for people with a deep appreciation of the natural world and the Beings we share it with.  Please visit the PPS website: and Facebook Page:

Movie Animals Protected (MAP) - Posted 5/1/2023

Los Angeles, CA

Movie Animals Protected (MAP) is looking for part-time on-call representatives to oversee the humane treatment and safety of animals in film & television.

We are looking for part-time on-call representatives in Los Angeles and in Europe.

MAP supports and encourages voluntary compliance and deters noncompliance through education, awareness, and the fine art of persuasion. We’re looking for passionate, curious, dedicated people with good personalities.


General Job Description

Monitor, oversee, and ensure the safety and welfare of animals in film and television. Document the safeguards and communicate with trainers and production crew. Uphold MAP protocols and ensure animals are safe and treated humanely on film sets. Work with production companies and animal handlers to facilitate safe and humane performances by animals in film & television.


  • Work independently and as a team player within a wide variety of locations and unique circumstances.

  • Identify hazards and risk factors associated with the use of animals and set circumstances.

  • Educate and assist productions in the humane treatment of animals.

  • Uphold MAP protocols for animal safety on film sets.

  • Write detailed and accurate reports documenting the conditions and treatment of animals on sets, such as housing, environmental conditions, health, and safety precautions in place, and describe how the filmed animal action was achieved.d.


  • Domestic and/or Exotic animal knowledge and experience

  • Understanding of animal behavior, health, and training

  • Thorough knowledge of animal safety guidelines. (will teach)

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Accurate report writing

  • Follow through and accountability

  • Self-Discipline

  • Confidentiality

  • Initiative

  • Pursue continuous learning with a desire to learn to keep up with new skills, knowledge, and various aspects of film production, animal training, and behavior

  • Collaborative and friendly

  • Problem solver, assertive, diplomatic, and professional

To Be Considered for Productions with Horses, you also must possess:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of equine and equine behavior.

  • Identify hazards, then determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated.

  • Safety hazards associated with several equestrian activities, including horse racing, horse jumping, river crossings, rodeo, Historical Reenactment, and carriage/harness driving, among others

  • Potential Film Hazards associated with insert camera cars, battle scenes, horse falls, and special effects, including gunfire and explosions. (will teach)

You won’t see a list of the company or corporate core values because we know corporations don't have values it's people who have values. The people in our company are a major influence on our future success. It’s important we curate a team to create a culture where people are caring, committed, accountable, and have a learning mentality.

Desired Personality Traits:

  • Observant
  • Plays well with others
  • Honest
  • Confident
  • Curios
  • Autonomous
  • Reliable
  • Leaders - Lead yourself
  • Life-long Learner
  •  Accountable
  • Take Yourself Lightly, Take Your Work Seriously

Email your resume to

Goods and Goats Market - Posted 4/27/2023

San Juan Capistrano, CA


SUMMARY:We are looking for a responsible person who loves animals and isn't afraid to get dirty. We are a goat farm located in San Juan Capistrano, CA (Orange County) and house close to 40 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, chickens, bunnies and guinea pigs. We are looking for an upbeat and energetic person to clean all goat and animal areas, help with basic goat husbandry, interact with customers that come for the petting zoo hours, help train staff and volunteers, update animal breeding and medical records, water all plants on the farm, have the ability to lift 50 lbs and who love to work outside. We are a small, family owned business and want a team player with good communication skills. If that's you, give us a call!

Carey Sligar - 760-408-7569 -

Santa Barbara Zoo - Posted 4/12/2023

Santa Barbara, CA

Job Type: Apprentice Keeper or Keeper level

Salary:$19.30 to $21.30, DOE

SUMMARY:Under general direction of Zoological Manager, Director of Animal Husbandry & Welfare and V.P. of Animal Care & Health, the Keeper is responsible for the application of daily animal care, maintenance of exhibits, guest experience and applicable research.ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following:Animal Care:-Performs all basic animal husbandry and health duties in the safest manner following established Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGS) and protocols.-Records the signs of normal health and changes in animal under his/her care using the daily report system-Records results of training sessions and enrichment to document and evaluate progress toward team goals.-Develops and documents training and enrichment programs.-Facilitates established animal presentations.-Regular attendance necessary.Education and Experience:-Bachelor’s degree or graduation from two-year college program focused on captive animal husbandry.-Experience in routine animal husbandry as in a zoo, aquarium or closely related activity.License, Certification, or Preferred Qualifications:-Bachelor’s degree in Life Science such as Biology, Zoology, Ecology or closely related discipline is preferred.-Previous work experience in an AZA accredited facility is preferred.-Valid driver’s license with good driving record is desirableFor more info and to apply:

McNeil Veterinary Services- Posted 4/8/2023

Ventura, CA



Salary: Based on Experience


This is an awesome opportunity to work with an amazing exotic vet who works with all kinds of animals. We even have an in office “Mini zoo” of rescues.

Must be self-motivated, hardworking, and energetic for our small busy practice that sees a variety of small animal patients.
RVT certification or at least 2 years of experience is a must. Tasks include in-hospital lab work, surgical prep, microscopic evaluation of stool samples, and skin cytology. Applicants must be adept at placing catheters, drawing blood, administering medication and have experience monitoring anesthesia for surgery, dental procedures, and radiography, etc. Must have the willingness to learn and excitement for growing your skills in the exotic animal field. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. occasionally and have experience with restraint of a variety of animal species. We are willing to help train the right candidate.

Pay is based on experience.

To apply please email your resume to

Guide Dogs of America- Posted 4/2/2023

Sylmar, CA Campus + travel

Manager of Service Dog Program

Job Type: Full Time Exempt Position

Salary Range: $65,000 - $70,000

Benefits include:

  • Medical, Dental, Life Insurance
  • Pension & 401k
  • Vacation & Paid Holidays
  • Casual Work Environment
  • Pet Friendly
  • Mission-driven non-profit organization
  • 7.5-acre park-like campus grounds

Job Purpose: Oversee and manage GDA/TLC’s service dog training program, both in prison and on-campus, including ensuring the program is in compliance with ADI, IGDF, GDA/TLC and prison standards, maintaining program consistency across institutions, developing relationships with institution leadership and staff, ensuring staff and incarcerated trainers comply with company and prison expectations, policies and procedures, and collaborating with GDA/TLC leadership to ensure the program continues to meet the organization’s service dog placement goals.

Essential Functions:

  • Ensure all aspects of GDA/TLC’s service dog training program are in compliance with ADI & IGDF standards, including but not limited to, operations and procedures of prison programs, service dog training curriculum, class instruction, and graduate follow-up and support
  • Ensure consistency across prison training programs
  • Ensure all service dog trainers maintain required qualifications and continuing education
  • Evaluate dogs for selection into service dog program
  • Ensure adequate staffing and scheduling for all service dog classes
  • Oversee selection, training and performance of incarcerated trainers
  • Work closely with Director of Programs and Assistant Director of Programs to support and grow the service dog program and enhance the mission of the organization
  • Establish and maintain relationships with leadership partners, including prison training program partners
  • Work closely with prison administration to ensure the program is supported and needs and requests are met in order for the program to be successful
  • Manage time and attendance, complete yearly performance evaluations, and manage daily performance of direct reports
  • Work within a prison environment; pass a prison background check; adhere to prison policies/procedures
  • Working nights, weekends and travel required
  • Other duties as assigned

Essential Physical Requirements:

  • Stand, walk long distances indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Push, pull, reach overhead, bend to the floor, squat, stoop
  • Ability to lift up to 60 pounds; must possess the physical strength to lift healthy, potentially strong, large breed dogs 
  • Ability to exert 20 to 50 pounds of force including pushing or moving objects
  • Ability to handle and control a large breed dog
  • Ability to wear protective gear including masks, gloves, goggles, boots
  • Visual acuity required to see and read dog's reaction to environment and distractions, ability to read forms, documentation, and computer screen
  • Hearing ability required to interact with dogs, trainers, students, graduates, and volunteers   
  • Ability to tolerate elevated noise levels – barking dogs
  • Comfortable walking through a prison yards and interacting with inmates


  • 18+ years of age
  • Valid driver’s license and insurable
  • Ability to obtain a US passport
  • High school graduate or GED; bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience training with positive reinforcement
  • Minimum 3 years’ management experience
  • Experience working with service dogs (Veteran, Autism, Facility) preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Outlook, Excel; experience with CRM database management programs such as Salesforce preferred
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Planning, time management, prioritizing and organization skills
  • Excellent presentation, teaching and public speaking skills
  • Work well as part of a team and in a team environment

Qualified candidates please send cover letter and resume to

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance- Posted 4/2/2023

Escondido, CA  

Carnivore Wildlife Care Specialist

Salary: $24.29/hr


The Wildlife Care Specialist will support San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s mission of saving species worldwide by overseeing all aspects of the safe care and handling of an assigned wildlife collection. This position reports to the Lead or Supervisor.


  • Prepares food and water for habitat wildlife
  • Loads and unloads food from trucks
  • Feeds exhibit wildlife
  • Administers prescribed medication and keeps feeding records
  • Observes assigned wildlife
  • Reports abnormal conditions to superiors
  • Cleans exhibit areas, pools, wildlife sleeping areas and service areas
  • Cleans and disinfects utensils, work tools and containers
  • Provides species-appropriate enrichment to assigned wildlife
  • Maintains appropriate health and behavior records on assigned wildlife
  • Responds to questions from the public concerning exhibits
  • Provides exhibit security
  • Participates in capturing, incapacitating and moving wildlife
  • Participates in and supports wildlife training programs
  • Assists medical staff in treating wildlife
  • Performs minor or routine maintenance on exhibit enclosures
  • Reports maintenance needs
  • Operates a variety of light and medium equipment


Ideal candidate will have experience working with Carnivores with specialization in Cheetahs highly preferred. This position involves working with susceptible species and candidate will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment.

    • 1 – 2 years of work experience in a Zoo or similar environment where appropriate knowledge and skills in wildlife care could be acquired.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, Life Science, or other related field preferred.
    • Current valid California Driver's License in good standing.
    • Wildlife behavior
    • Wildlife biology and zoology
    • Care, feeding and handling of wild wildlife
    • Safety practices around wild wildlife
    • Techniques for restraining or capturing wild wildlife
    • Public Speaking
    • Deal tactfully and courteously with others
    • Adhere to the organization’s policies, procedures and regulations
    • Competently perform the essential functions outlined above


  • Free admission to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • Family Passes
  • Complimentary Tickets
  • Local and In-House Discounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Wellness Program


  • Location: Escondido, CA
  • Position Type: -Time Hourly Non-Exempt Union Position - If selected, there will be fees and dues to be paid to the Union
  • Hourly Rate: $24.29

Be an ally for wildlife by joining our team!

At San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, we thrive on celebrating our differences. Diversity is vital for the benefit of our team members, our guests, our community, and our wildlife.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected status.

If you require a reasonable accommodation to complete an application, please email your request to and provide the job title and location to which you are applying.

As a Federal Contractor, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is required to participate in the E-Verify Program to confirm eligibility to work in the United States.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is a drug free workplace

How to Apply

Click link below to apply on Career's Page:

Oregon Zoo - Posted 3/26/2023

Greater Portland Area, OR 

Animal Keeper – Birds/Herps and Small Mammals

Salary: $25.14 - $32.07 Hourly

Job Description:

The Oregon Zoo is seeking to fill a role for Animal Keeper in the Bird, Reptile, & Small Mammal Department. Our team is seeking to grow exponentially in avian breeding opportunities and is the primary focus of the department.   Additionally, this position will be responsible for the care of the amphibians, reptiles, fish, freshwater otters, and other small mammals. The keeper in this position is responsible for day-to-day husbandry activities and additional essential job duties as listed below.  The department will be heavily influenced by campus planning endeavors and we have many new and exciting opportunities on the horizon.

As the Animal Keeper – Birds, Reptiles, & Small Mammals you will:

  • Observe animals to identify normal and abnormal behavior, reproductive behavior, eating habits, health problems, injuries, and adjustment to diet changes or response to medication. Involvement in corrective actions by initiation or cooperation.
  • Stay up to date on current industry care standards for the designated species, including but not limited to feeding strategies, introduction methods, breeding and rearing practices, social management, training practices and strategies, and engaging enrichment.
  • As appropriate, utilize the principles of operant conditioning as appropriate to facilitate daily husbandry, behavioral modification, and medical procedures.
  • Service a variety of animal environments including cleaning and disinfecting cages, yards, aviaries, pools, and food and water receptacles.
  • Check conditions of animal environments to assess security and safety for animals. Initiate corrective actions for deficiencies.
  • Feed animals in a species-specific manner, report on consumption and recommend diet modifications as needed
  • Initiate efforts and provide suggestions for breeding focused programs utilizing demonstrable knowledge of species’ natural biology and individual animal needs.
  • Administer medications, as prescribed by veterinarians. Inform veterinarian and supervisor of response to medication or other treatments.
  • Perform or assist with general husbandry tasks, assist with capture, restraint, or segregation of animals for transfer or medical treatment. Can include manual restraint of small primates and mammals.
  • Direct involvement with developing materials for education purposes and presenting education materials to the public. Conduct informative and professional talks and tours through area of responsibility.
  • Keep concise, objective records regarding diet, daily animal health and behavior, births, deaths and transfers.

Attributes for success:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Contribute to a positive team atmosphere and contribute in a close, team-oriented environment.
  • Passion for avian care, breeding, and conservation.
  • Working knowledge of current avian incubation and hand rearing practices.

Diversity and inclusion: At Metro, we are committed to hiring a workforce representative of the communities we serve, recognizing that a diverse workforce strengthens our organization. We invest in employees by supporting equitable and inclusive hiring practices, employee policies and training programs.


We will consider any combination of relevant work experience, volunteering, education, and transferable skills as qualifying unless an item or section is labeled required. Please be clear and specific in your application materials on how your background is relevant.

Minimum qualifications:

  •  Bachelor’s degree in biology, zoology, or related subjects relevant to the care of zoo animals AND
  • Three years professional animal keeper experience working with birds OR
  • Any combination of education and experience that provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the classification duties and responsibilities.
  • Additional medical testing and/or immunizations (not already stated in this announcement) may be required as the duties of this position may require close contact with animal areas and enclosures where animals may be present.
  • Required
    • Valid driver's license (Check will be completed for finalist at time of hire)

Driving Record Check: The candidate selected for the position will need to pass a Driving Record check prior to being hired. Speeding tickets do not necessarily preclude employment and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

COVID-19 vaccination requirement:
Metro is committed to ensuring the health and safety for our employees and our community. As a part of this commitment, Metro has implemented a vaccine requirement policy for employees, paid and unpaid interns and volunteers.

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is considered a minimum qualification requirement for Metro job applicants. This proof will be requested during the hiring process.

If you require an accommodation under this policy for a medical condition or disability, or sincerely held religious belief, please email

For Full Job Description & to Apply.

Guide Dogs of America - Posted 3/6/2023

Sylmar, Ca Campus plus travel

Full time Client Services Specialist

Salary: $64,480 a year

Benefits include:

• Medical, Dental, Life Insurance
• Pension & 401k
• Vacation & Paid Holidays
• Casual Work Environment
• Pet Friendly
• Mission-driven non-profit organization
• 7.5-acre park-like campus grounds

Job Purpose: Responsible for conducting in-home assessments for completed applicants awaiting acceptance into the program; managing and providing on-going support services to program graduates via phone, virtual and in-person assistance; and supporting the training department with the training and evaluation of service dogs.

Essential Functions:
• Conducts assessments on completed applicants in their home • Documents completed in-home assessments in database in a timely manner
• Participates in applicant selection committee
• Participates in client/dog selection in service dog team training classes
• Participates in service dog team training classes
• Manages and provides follow-up services to graduated service dog teams via virtual and inperson assistance, including travel to clients’ home area
• Travel throughout the US and Canada required
• Responds to service dog client related inquiries
• Records and maintains database of all required documentation and communications with applicants, students, graduates, and dogs
• Conducts annual recertification for all working graduated teams
• Supports training department with training of dogs on Sylmar campus and within prisons as needed
• Meets GDA|TLC and ADI standards
• Working weekends, nights, and holidays as needed
• Other duties, responsibilities, projects, and special tasks as assigned based on evolving business needs

Essential Physical Requirements: • Stand, walk long distances indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions, push, pull, reach overhead and bend to the floor
• Ability to lift up to 60 pounds; must possess the physical strength to lift healthy, potentially strong, large breed dogs
• Ability to handle and control a large breed dog
• Must be able to travel independently
• Ability to exert 20 to 50 pounds of force including pushing or moving objects
• Ability to wear protective gear including masks, gloves, goggles, boots
• Ability to tolerate elevated noise levels – barking dogs
• Visual ability required to see and read dog's reaction to environment and distractions, ability to read forms, documentation and computer screen
• Hearing ability required to interact with dogs, trainers, clients and volunteers
• Walking through prison yards and interacting with inmates

• 18+ years of age
• High school diploma: Bachelor degree preferred
• 3 years' experience training service dogs with an ADI or IGDF accredited organization
• 3 years’ experience training service dog recipients with an ADI or IGDF accredited organization
• Experience with decision making, independent judgement, and problem solving with respect to common service dog team issues
• Knowledge of current ADI & IGDF standards
• Valid driver’s license
• Maintain a valid US passport
• Work well as part of a team and in a team environment
• High level of proficiency in Microsoft 365 (outlook, excel word), Sharepoint and CRM database programs such as salesforce.
• Knowledge of education platforms such as Canvas
• Excellent presentation, teaching, and public speaking skills

Qualified candidates please send cover letter and resume to

Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary - Posted 3/5/2023

Reno, NV

Full time or part time Animal Keeper

Hourly Pay Rate: Starting at $16/hr

About Animal Ark:

Animal Ark is a small wildlife sanctuary located 25 miles north of Reno, Nevada. Working at Animal Ark will involve working with small cats, large cats, canines, reptiles and raptors.

Duties and Responsibilities

• All aspects of animal husbandry including but not limited to diet preparation, cleaning, feeding, medicating, enrichment, and training

• Maintain daily records on animal husbandry, training and enrichment

• Transport animals to and from the vet clinic when needed

• Comfortable leading guided school tours

• Must be willing to work weekends and holidays

• Ability to complete basic repairs • Adherence to animal standard operating procedures (SOP’s) including safety regulations


• Bachelor’s degree in biology or another related field preferred • A valid driver’s license

• Ability to work a flexible schedule which may include weekends and holidays

• Ability to lift, push, pull 50 pounds • Capable of working in all weather conditions

• Good communication skills


• 2 weeks paid vacation (80 hrs.)

• 3 days of paid sick leave

• $100 medical stipend if on another insurance plan OR Animal Ark contributes 50% of the city health insurance plan.

Apply to: Theresa Owens at

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo/City of San Jose - Posted 3/5/2023San Jose, CA

Full-time/Part-time Zookeeper
Minimum Salary: $22.24 Maximum Salary: $27.01

The position performs work involving the care and feeding of zoo, domestic farm, and/or non-domestic animals and maintenance of cages, enclosures, grounds and service areas; working with animals under all types of climatic conditions to prepare them for presentations, capture and restraint, basic husbandry, and behavioral enrichment. In addition, responding to general questions from the public regarding non-domestic and/or domestic animals.Please note that schedules can vary every week or be on an “on call” basis depending on knowledge, training, and experience with specific animal routines. These positions will be required to work weekends, evenings, and holidays, during all climactic conditions as assigned and must have the ability to enter animal areas and perform physical work (including lifting objects up to 50 lbs.).

Minimum QualificationsEducation: Completion of high school diploma or equivalent General Educational Development (G.E.D.) Certificate, or California Proficiency Certificate.Experience: One (1) year (equivalent to 2,080 hours) of experience in the care of non-domestic animals.Acceptable Substitutions: College coursework in zoology, biology, or related field can substitute for the required experience on a year-for-year basis. One (1) year of coursework is equivalent to 30 semester units/45 quarter units.Licenses: Possession of a valid California Driver's License may be required.Employment Eligibility: Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country. Please be informed that the City of San Jose will NOT sponsor, represent, or sign any documents related to visa applications/transfers for H1-B or any other type of visa which requires an employer application. State law requires all employees working with youth to provide medical verification of negative tuberculosis test results within the last year.CompetenciesThe ideal candidate will possess the following competencies, as demonstrated in past and current employment history. Desirable competencies for this position include:Job Expertise: Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with applicable professional/technical principles and practices, Citywide and departmental procedures/policies, and federal and state rules and regulations. Demonstrated skills and experience with the following:Knowledge of and experience with modern zoo operating practices and principles, including safety.Knowledge of and experience with principles for working with domestic and/or non-domestic animals as they pertain to park and zoo exhibits and performance of animal husbandry tasks.Knowledge of and experience with normal domestic and/or non-domestic animal behavior, with the ability to recognize and report abnormal behavior, attitude, or appearance of animals.Knowledge of and experience with behavioral enrichment and animal training programs.Knowledge of and experience with performing and/or assisting with basic veterinary procedures, handling and restraint of a wide variety of animals such as reptiles, birds, mammals, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and/or other domestic and non-domestic animals as they pertain to park and zoo exhibits.

Knowledge of and experience with performing basic construction and maintenance of animal habitats and displays, including plant maintenance.

Communication Skills: Effectively conveys information and expresses thoughts and facts clearly, orally and in writing; demonstrates effective use of listening skills; displays openness to other people’s ideas and thoughts.Initiative: Exhibits resourceful behaviors toward meeting job objectives; anticipates problems, is proactive, and avoids difficulties by planning ahead; displays willingness to assume extra responsibility and challenges; pursues continuing education opportunities that promotes job performance.Multi-tasking: Can handle multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously; has handled a wide variety of assignments in past and/or current position(s).Problem Solving: Approaches a situation or problem by defining the problem or issue; determines the significance of problem; collects information; uses logic and intuition to arrive at decisions or solutions to problems that achieve the desired outcome.Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills: Develops effective relationships with co-workers and supervisors by helping others accomplish tasks and using collaboration and conflict resolution skills.

To apply, follow this link:

Saving Wildlife International (SWI) - Posted 3/1/2023Santa Rosa Valley/Thousand Oaks, CA

SWI Wild Animal Internship at Saving Wildlife InternationalSaving Wildlife international is seeking an intern who is eager to learn, responsible, and has a positive attitude for our Summer 2023 Internship!Job Summary:Temporary Summer Intern Position (May 2023-August 2023)This is an internship position meant for college students to receive college credit as well as hands on training. By applying you acknowledge that this is an opportunity to learn, and understand that while unpaid, if accepted you may receive an allowance for food or transportation costs.Interns are responsible for the general care and maintenance of all SWI animals in assigned areas which include small mammals, primates, reptiles, and birds.Number of positions: onePrimary Responsibilities:Diet preparation and record keeping.Maintaining cleanliness of all assigned animal areas.Interacting with and helping with educational program clients.Maintaining cleanliness and organization of offices and barn area.Learning show scripts and performing show parts as assigned.Assisting with animal care, feeding, and training sessions as assigned.Office related duties.Other duties as requested.Minimum Expectations:Must be 18 years of age or older.Must be willing to get dirty, pick up feces, and understand the demands of working with wildlife.Must be able to adapt to a fast changing environment.Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.Valid Driver’s License.Be able to commit to a 4 month time period.Must be willing to speak to an audience.Must be articulate and able to clearly speak, read, and write in English.Must be willing to listen and follow both written and verbal instructions.Animal experience preferred.Must be willing and able to work up to 40 hours a week, both indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions, and withstand heat of over 100 degrees F.Must be available to work weekends, evenings, and holidays.Must be respectful/professional of all staff and volunteers.Must be Willing to listen to feedback.Must work well both independently and with the team.Must be willing to learn and engage in learning during internship.Be able to lift 50lbs, kneel, bend and stand for an entire shift.How to Apply:Please submit an application online at: Deadline: April 3rd, 2023.

Dakota Zoo - Posted 2/27/2023

Bismarck, ND

Carnivore Permanent Part-time Zookeeper

Nature of Work

This person is supervised by the full-time Carnivore Zookeepers and Senior Keeper and indirectly supervised by the General Staff Supervisors, Assistant Director, and Zoo Director. This individual assists with daily zookeeping activities of the Carnivore Section. This person also serves as a relief zookeeper as needed, covering for their area zookeepers who are on vacation, on a leave of absence, etc. This position works primarily with the zoo’s carnivores and raptor rehab program.

Animals include tiger, snow leopard, grizzly bear, river otter, grey wolf, various bird of prey, various canid species, and other miscellaneous taxa.

Job Responsibilities
• Assists with daily zookeeping activities which includes feeding, cleaning, assessing welfare, documenting observations, animal enrichment, and all other aspects of animal care at the Dakota Zoo.
• Performs other duties as assigned which includes but is not limited to general maintenance of exhibits and grounds, maintenance of equipment, maintaining animal food supplies, assisting in medical duties and other miscellaneous tasks.
• Assists area keepers as needed with behavioral training per the discretion of the team.
• Provides relief for keeper absences as needed and takes on all responsibilities of that keeper during their time of leave. This includes all basic animal care, extra assigned duties, additional cleaning tasks, diet management, team communication, etc.
• Continues to develop knowledge of animals at our facility and shares this information with other staff, public, and volunteers. Participates in keeper chats, zoo camps, animal encounters, and other miscellaneous education opportunities.
• Willing to be a positive team player and continues to maintain and build strong communication with coworkers and managers.

Desirable Education, Experience and Qualifications
• Degree in Zoology, Biology, or related field preferred.
• Ability to serve as a positive, energetic, and supportive co-worker. • Strong communication skills and willingness to work with a team.
• Experience with and knowledge of animal husbandry practices, including enrichment and recordkeeping, preferable from an AZA or ZAA accredited facility.
• Experience with and knowledge of dangerous animals including big cats, bears, and other various carnivores, preferable from an AZA or ZAA accredited facility.
• Displays a professional attitude and appearance to visitors, volunteers, and co-workers.
• Possession of a valid North Dakota driver’s license, or ability to gain within 3 months.

See More & How to Apply  -  Full Job Description 

Turtle Bay Exploration Park - Posted 2/26/2023

Redding, CA

Full-time, 3 month, Paid Summer Internship 

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is currently accepting applicationsfor our newly formed summer internship program. All application materials must be submitted by March 15th , 2022. Summer internships are full time for 3 months. Start dates are flexible but will be around the beginning of May or June.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park Animal Care Interns will be working with the Animal Trainers in daily husbandry, training and show presentation of the animals. Interns will learn proper husbandry of a large variety of species as well as training techniques for both educational and husbandry behaviors.

Interns will participate in the summer Walk on the Wild Side animal show presented twice a day along with informal educational programs throughout the Park. Interns will also participate in our walk through lorikeet aviary and our seasonal butterfly house.

Turtle Bay houses 125 animals covering over 60 species including birds, native mammals, reptiles and aquatics. Some examples are raccoon, bobcat,foxes, American badger,raptors, psittacines, and corvids.

Interns will learn and participate in the following:

• Administering medications and/or minor procedures.
• The basics of positive reinforcement training techniques.
• Standard husbandry skills.
• Theater -style educational shows.
• Inquiry based educational programs.
• Safe animal handling practices.
• Fun and engaging public interactions.
• Assisting trainers in maintaining husbandry behaviors.
• Maintaining accurate and detailed daily records.
• Basics of weight monitoring and diet preparations.
• Behavioral enrichment.
• How to read behaviors in a variety of species.
• Basic Aquarium skills including LSS, water quality testing, and basic husbandry

For Expectations, Requirements & How to Apply See Full Description

The Excellent Canine - Posted 2/10/2023

Poway, CA

Help Needed With Our Dog Boarding And Training Business.Family in Poway looking for help with our ranch animals and dog boarding and training business.15/hr ($60 shift) Tues-Sat 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with potential for more hours and income based on job performance.We have horses, goats, ducks, tortoises, and lots of dogs.Must be:- On time and responsible- Can handle multiple dogs and keep them calm- Neat appearance/presentable to clients- Cheery disposition- Capable of lifting 50lbs (feed bags)- Ok with cleaning crates, bathing dogs, and cleaning up after animals of all kinds.

Phone: 16197950172

El Paso Zoo - Posted 2/10/2023

El Paso, TX

Zoo Keeper-Magellanic Penguin Exhibit


The Zookeeper will be assigned to work in the New Magellanic Penguin Exhibit opening in 2023. 
Experience with Penguins is desirable!

Education and Experience: High School Diploma or GED, and one (1) year of confined animal care and handling experience, excluding personal pets. 

Licenses and Certificates: Texas Class "C" Driver's License or equivalent from another state.

General Purpose

Under immediate supervision, provide proficient and excellent care for the zoo’s animals in accordance with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) animal health, welfare and conservation principles, standards and practices.  

Typical Duties

Feed, water and care for exotic zoo animals and clean and maintain animal enclosures. Involves: Prepare regular and special diets to feed animals. Clean, disinfect and maintain holding areas, enclosures and exhibit areas. Maintain safety of animals, self, coworkers, and public. Monitor animal health and well-being. Report animal illness or injury to appropriate staff. Assist veterinary staff with administering medications, providing treatment and restraining for medical procedures and/or exams.

Assist with behavioral conditioning and enrichment programs for animals. Involves: Utilize system of positive reinforcement techniques to achieve desired behaviors to meet health and/or husbandry needs. Provide animals with interactive items and activities to relieve stress and encourage natural behaviors.

Assist other zoo staff and the public. Involves: Identify maintenance problems and resolve or report as necessary. Assist with grounds and landscaping maintenance and construction. Test water quality in aquatic exhibits. Answer questions from other staff and the public regarding zoo animals, exhibits and related. Interact with the public in keeper chats/encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, media interviews, or other public educational presentations and event interactions. 

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary - Posted 2/10/2023

Northern Nevada

Big Cat Caretaker Internships 


-Must be 18 years or older.
-Prefer recent graduates or students working toward a degree in animal science, zoology, biology and environmental sciences.
-Professional attitude and ability to work with other interns and staff.
-Must be comfortable with interacting with the public.
-Able to lift at 50 pounds and work in inclement weather.
-Must adhere to safety protocols and NO-CONTACT POLICY
-Must have own vehicle and valid driver’s license.
-Must commit to six months

Compensation and Benefits
We offer one of the highest paid stipends and FREE onsite housing including full kitchen, washer/dryer and a $600.00 monthly stipend.
Housing is shared, non-smoking, no pets and additional codes of conduct apply.

40-hour work week with two consecutive days
off per week.

Applicants can submit a cover letter, resume and two letters of recommendation to:
Submitted materials will be reviewed and a phone interview scheduled.

For more info visit:

America's Teaching Zoo - Jr. Safari Camp Counselor - Posted 2/4/2023

Moorpark, CA 

4 Full-time & 1 Part-time position available

Starting Salary: $18.57 per hour 

Schedule: May 30, 2023, to August 11, 2023.  

May 30 to June 3 - will be 20 hours/week for preparation. 

June 5 to August 4 - will be 40 hours/week  

August 7 to August 11 - will be 20 hours/week for debriefing and clean 

May 30, 2023, to August 3, 2023, 18 hrs. per week 12:30-5:00 M-Th 

Education and Experience:                                             Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Any combination equivalent to:                                          • Exotic Animal Training and Management certificate or its equivalent 
  • Education: One year of college course work AND            • Child development certificate or its equivalent 
  • Experience: One year of experience working with non-domestic 

animals OR one year of experience working with children in an organized recreational or educational setting 

Licenses and Requirements: 

  • A valid First-Aid Certificate issued by a recognized First-Aid training program 
  • A valid CPR Certificate issued by a recognized CPR training program 
  • A valid California Driver’s License 

Apply by deadline date: Monday, March 20, 2023  

See Full Job Description & Apply

Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association - Posted 2/4/2023

Los Angeles, CA 

Events Administrative Coordinator

Position Overview

Under the direction of the Director of Events, the Events Administrative Coordinator plays a significant support role for the entire organization. Primarily, the Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the administrative support of Nighttime Ticketed Events (NTTE) and fundraising events. Coordinator will oversee the ticketing platform for NTTE and software programs for fundraising events. In addition, the Coordinator will assist with project planning oversight and ensure all details are communicated to various departments, including the Marketing department. 

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  1. At least 2 years of relevant experience in event planning, volunteer coordination, or non-profit administration
  2. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  3. Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Strong oral, verbal, written, and online communication skills.
  4. Experience with ticketing and/or CRM software.
  5. Cash handling experience.
  6. Ability to demonstrate commitment to mission and core values, able to articulate these to internal and external stakeholders. Comfortable communicating with members, donors, volunteers, community partners, and vendors.
  7. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of GLAZA and Zoo personnel.
  8. High energy, positive attitude, flexibility, teamwork, impeccable attention to detail, and high degree of initiative.
  9. Demonstrated ability to provide superior customer service at all times.
  10. Demonstrated ability to organize, prioritize, and complete work in a timely manner, despite competing requirements.
  11. Attention to accuracy and ability to maintain detailed records, logs, and other related information.
  12. General computer literacy and knowledge of various software programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, Raiser’s Edge, and Adobe Pagemaker.
  13. Demonstrated ability to use various types of office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, etc.
  14. Ability to understand and monitor budgets and assist with tracking expenses, invoices and payments.
  15. Demonstrated ability to compose letters or email correspondence which are grammatically correct and properly formatted.
  16. Demonstrated skills in listening perceptively, conveying sensitivity and awareness, and the ability to maintain confidential materials.
  17. Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and time constraints while remaining calm and maintaining a sense of humor. Ability to handle multiple tasks with effective follow-through. Demonstrated problem solver.
  18. Demonstrated flexibility to work an irregular schedule, including early, late, and weekend events.
  19. Demonstrated ability to work all GLAZA galas and fundraisers.
  20. Demonstrated ability to remain in a stationary position and focus on a computer screen for extended periods of time.
  21. Demonstrated ability to lift forty pounds using proper safety techniques.
  22. Demonstrated ability to routinely cover Zoo grounds on a daily basis.
  23. Possess a valid Class C Driver License and satisfactory driving record. May run errands related to Events.

** For the protection of our staff, GLAZA requires all employees to provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19.


The salary range for this position is $25.65 to $28.21 per hour, depending upon experience and qualifications. GLAZA provides full-time employees with a full array of benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance; life and long-term disability insurance; an FSA plan; paid vacation and sick leave; a 403(b) retirement plan with employer match and additional contributions based on longevity; 16 paid holidays per year; free parking; complimentary passes to the Zoo and to Zoo Lights; and discounts on Zoo concessions and merchandise.

To apply for this position:

Email your cover letter and resume to:

Include Events Administrative Coordinator in the subject line of your email.

Submissions without the required subject line, or missing a resume or cover letter, will not be considered.

No phone calls or agencies, please

Camp Kinneret - Posted 1/26/2023

Agoura Hills, CA 

2023 Work Dates & Hours:
This is a full-time summer position lasting 10 weeks.
Work Dates: June 12 – August 18, Monday – Friday
Work Hours: Approximately 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Salary: Salaries vary based on position and previous experience. The range for a first-year staff person is approximately $5,300 – $7,000 for a 10-week summer 

Position Description: Animal Care Instructors teach campers how to interact with and care for the animals at our on-site farm, which is home to pigs, sheep, alpacas, and goats. They create and teach an animal care curriculum for campers aged 4-8 and focus on different topics each week like the animals’ digestive systems or eye and teeth shape.

Animal Care staff work together with the Pony staff to create and teach a fun and
informative curriculum.

Position Qualifications: College-aged or older. A love for animals and a background in basic animal care is a must.

Application Process & Deadlines: Applicants fill out an online application and then attend a Group Interview. Select applicants are invited to return for an individual interview with a director.

Contact: To find out more, please visit or e-mail

See Full Job Description

Benay's Bird & Animal Source - Posted 1/9/2023

Los Angeles, CA 

Benay's Bird & Animal Source has a part time position available for feeder/keeper/enrichment with possibility of advancement, $16/hrRequirements- Hands on experience caring for/working with animals- No physical limits. Must be able to carry at least 50#- Responsible and dependable- Can follow directions- Team player- Long term position- Positive attitude and outlook- ABSOLUTELY NO Drama Queens/KingsWe have a large collection of animals including: Skunks, opossum, prairie dogs, raccoons, chipmunks, dogs, cats, rabbits/hares and a huge collection of birds (Crows, owls, jays, song birds, parrots and more).There is the opportunity for advancement in the entertainment industry for the right person.NO PHONE CALLS

Please respond with a COVER LETTER introducing yourself, and why you are interested in the position, and a RESUME

San Diego Humane Society  - Posted 1/2/2023

San Diego, CA 

Community Animal Trainer for our Behavior & Training team

Job Description:

The Community Animal Trainer acts as the subject matter expert on all things related to our public training program and is responsible for instructing general content and workshop-style pet training classes to adopters and the public. The Trainer works to encourage SDHS adopter engagement and enhance the bond between pets and their owners while allowing pet owners to safely and humanely control their pet’s behavior.

Starting range is between $18.00 – $20.25 per hour. The hourly rate is determined by your related education and experience.

See Full Job Description Here

Apply Here

Behavior & Training Supervisor

Job Description:

The Behavior & Training (B&T) Supervisor is responsible for the direct supervision and completion of duties of the B&T staff at our Escondido (ESC) & Oceanside (OSC) campuses. Under the guidance of the B&T Manager, you’ll oversee all cases enrolled at both campus locations, from time of enrollment through release to adoptions, and monitors such cases as long as they remain in SDHS care. This position supports our mission to educate adopters about dog and cat behavior and training, enhancing the bond between pets and their owners and allowing pet owners to safely and humanely control their pet’s behavior.  If you’re passionate about making an impact in the animal welfare movement, we’d love to talk to you.

Starting range is between $26.30 – $29.59 per hour. The actual hourly rate is determined by your related education and experience.

See Full Job Description

Apply Here

Wild Haven Ranch  - Posted 12/9/2022

Cedar Glen, CA

Wildlife Keeper

Job Description:

Beautiful 35-acre Southern California wildlife sanctuary in the San Bernardino Mountains National Forest seeking wildlife keeper experienced in equine, farm animals, exotic and or wildlife to assist with wildlife care as well as security, and maintenance of property, buildings, enclosures and barns.

Our mission is to rescue orphaned and injured wildlife and to educate the public about conservation and preservation of the importance of wildlife in our environment. We are permitted under USDA, USFW and CAFW, and their regulations require that our employees are honest, reliable, trustworthy, conscientious, have a good work ethic, have a clear background check, are drug free, not addicted to alcohol, marijuana, vaping or smoking in order to ensure the safety of the wildlife and staff.

Compensation and benefits: Live onsite full time, and work in a mountain community with a goal of preservation of the indigenous wildlife; experience rural living in a tourist destination of the San Bernardino National Forest; hours away from desert, beaches and cosmopolitan cities; salary negotiable commensurate with experience.

Duties Include, but not limited to:

· Daily animal care providing water, feed, medications, cleaning and safety of mule deer, and possible care of some birds of prey, carnivores, and mammals, including bears

· Mucking and raking of stalls and enclosures; shifting wildlife into weathering areas; inspecting their shelters and checking for wild animal interference

· Maintenance of fencing, security gates, enclosures, water faucets and tanks, gates, barns, and buildings ensuring cleanliness and order

· Property maintenance including watering, weed eating, cutting down of trees, and gathering forest food for the animals like acorns and browse

· Basic knowledge and skills in mechanical, electrical and carpentry for ranch maintenance

· Upkeep of snow blowers, seasonal equipment, golf carts, and other vehicles operation and care

· Security of 5-acre Educational Center and the perimeter fencing of our upper 30 acres

Requirements Include:

· Must speak and read English, with good communication skills and comfortable with the public

· Able to lift 25-100 lbs and to twist, bend, kneel, climb, and safely use hand tools & equipment

· Be computer literate to fill out logs, evaluations, and reports

· Work effectively with normal supervision as a self-motivated, self-starter who can adapt to change and respond to emergencies

· Work outdoors day or night in snow, ice, rain, or other forest weather conditions

· Comfortable in forest environment living near wildlife like bears, mountain lions, coyotes, deer, and other animals that we protect on our sanctuary from hunters and poachers

· Be a team player with our staff, volunteers, management and wardens and supervisors

· Use good social skills to encourage trespassers off of our property, or order them to do so


· Degrees in animal sciences, or biology preferred but not required for entry level position.

Please furnish resume and 3 references to apply for position. Contact: ~ 909.337.1391 ~

Center for Great Apes  - Posted 12/9/2022

Near Wauchula, FL

Orangutan & Chimpanzee Cargiver

Job Description:

The Center is seeking qualified individuals who are committed to quality care for primates in captivity and who share the values of the Center in providing permanent care with dignity for the sanctuary apes

Applicants must be able to do hard work in different situations and be willing to strictly follow our safety policies and protocols.

The Center for Great Apes is a GFAS-accredited sanctuary and currently cares for 27 orangutans and 42 chimpanzees.

Applicants should have experience in the normal exotic animal caregiving duties of daily cleaning, diet prep, feeding, providing creative enrichment, and monitoring health and behavior.

Required Qualifications:

  • 2 years’ experience in animal husbandry, animal care teaching school, or equivalent primate
    husbandry internships;
  •  At least two years college in related subject;
  • Have a philosophy of animal care and animal respect that blends with the Center's mission;
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds and carry for a short distance;
  • Be able to work outdoors in inclement weather including rain, heat and humidity for extended
    amounts of time;
  • Be available to work any day of the week including weekends and holidays;
  • Have a current negative TB test and proof of COVID19 vaccination;
  • Realize that all staff are part of a team whose goal is to provide the best possible care for the
    resident apes by supporting each staff member of the team in helping with chores and sharing duties.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of great ape husbandry experience;
  • Experience in positive reinforcement training;
  • Associate or Bachelor college degree in animal related sciences.

Please send all resumes with an application to The application is available on our website,

The Center for Great Apes is located in south central Florida in a rural area amidst orange groves and pastureland. Distance from nearby towns: Wauchula and Avon Park are 10-15 minutes away, Sebring is 20 minutes, Lake Wales is 30 minutes, Lakeland is 45 minutes, and Orlando and Tampa are 90 minutes north.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park  - Posted 11/28/2022

Redding, CA

Animal Trainer
Full-time, hourly

Job Description:

See Full Job Description 

The position of Animal Trainer is a full-time, hourly position with benefits (medical/dental/vision/ life) and is responsible for the performance of the on-grounds scripted summer show as well as other informal education programs throughout the year. Responsibilities also include daily care, weighing, preparing diets, training and exhibit maintenance for 82 species of animals including raptors, corvids, psittacines, snakes, turtles, fish, amphibians, porcupine, fox, badger, bobcat, beaver, spotted skunks, and raccoon.


· Provide exemplary care for the animals in residence.

· Work with the Animal Care team of trainers (including other trainers, senior trainers, Asst Curator of Animal Programs and Curator of Animal Programs) on training of the animals for shows and educational programs.

· Be able to perform as a secondary trainer for all animals.

· Be a primary trainer when assigned.

· Perform shows and deliver educational programs on and off grounds to all age groups.

· Follow all husbandry protocols for the animal residents.

· Manage the diets of the animal residents.

· Maintain accurate, detailed daily records for all animals, including weights, diets, vet care, behavior, and training.

· Administering and any veterinary medications and/or minor procedures.

· Maintaining any scheduled health care medications and supplements.

· Work closely with volunteers and provide consistency with the animals.

· Continually develop self in the areas of animal training, husbandry and presentation.

· Maintain a clean and orderly work area.

· Stay current on all required vaccines; including but not limited to tetanus, rabies and Covid-19.

· Other duties assigned by the Curator of Animal Programs

Qualifications for the Animal Trainer include:

Experience/Education: Prefer a minimum of 2 years of experience with professional (non-domestic) animal training, positive reinforcement training techniques, and behavioral enrichment; a degree in biology, zoology, environmental/science education, or a related field, OR

An equivalent combination of education and experience.

· Primary experience with animals in a show environment required.

· SCUBA certification is not required but a plus.

· Experience with recordkeeping.

· Demonstrate knowledge of safe animal handling practices.

· Must be able to bend, kneel and lift 50 pounds.

· Must be able to pass a drug test and background check.

· Available to work weekends and holidays and occasional evenings.

E-mail cover letter, resume, and three professional references to

In addition, a short video clip (no longer than 2 minutes) of you educating with an animal or a link to a show you are in is preferred. The position is open until filled.

Dog Trainer with Brandon McMillan - Posted 10/19/2022

Job Description:
They would be Brandon’s right hand trainer and work at the ranch everyday as well as home visits to private clients.
Pay ranging from 20-25/hr (based on experience).
Expected Days and Hours - 7am-2pm,  Mon-Fri
Most important skills:
And good with clientele!


Please Contact Faith at

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