International Students Program

Experiencing Moorpark College

We’re proud of the accolades we have received and we maintain a “students first” philosophy. Not only is Moorpark College ranked 4th Community College in the United States, we were also recently ranked in the top twenty community colleges in the U.S. by WalletHub and in early 2017, Best listed Moorpark College as the best community college in California. We have an incredibly high transfer rate and we are driven to meet the educational and cultural needs of the community we serve.

Visiting students will get exposure to the college as a whole during their Animal Certification visit. Staff will guide students through the college to visit campus landmarks such as Fountain Hall (home to the International Students office), library, campus center, athletics and the President’s office.

Zoo Certificate

The Animal Certification Program concludes with the certification ceremony which includes disbursement of certificates to visiting students and photo opportunities with The Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College students and staff. One and two day programs available. Two day program ends with celebratory certificate reception. Contact Mara Rodriguez for schedule and pricing information.

Animal Certification Program

These short term programs are designed to give visiting students an up-close look at the daily operations of The Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College. With a “behind the scenes” approach, students will learn from a dedicated staff while also working alongside our EATM students and animals. Visiting students will complete the certification with a basic knowledge of animal careers and safety.

Experiencing the Zoo

Your students will enjoy time outdoors and in the classroom as they learn from our staff. Lectures and demonstrations covering careers, animal training, safety, husbandry and animal nutrition will be covered. Animal observations and shadowing trainers will also be a part of the zoo experience. Some “hands-on” experience with our small animal ambassadors may be a part of the experience but cannot be guaranteed.


Mara Rodriguez | 805-378-1441
7075 Campus Road | Moorpark, CA 93021

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