Jr. Safari Summer Camp

Animal Dream Jobs!

  • Campers will be putting on a Wildlife Show at 2pm on Friday. All family and friends are welcome to come and stay for a tour after the program. We suggest you arrive around 1:45pm.


Who We Met!  
  • Monday we had 2 Zookeepers from the Living Desert Zoo to talk about Zookeeping as well as Amanda, Staff from America's Teaching Zoo that talked all about Research and her research with vocal mimicry in seals.
  • Tuesday we focused on Outreach and Education
    • We had the Reptile Family and Saving Wildlife International Outreach Group
  • Wednesday we met a Studio Trainer who works dogs from Steve Martin's Working Wildlife! 
  • Thursday we met Mandy who does Studio work with Birds at Benay's Birds and Animals as well as Lauren our Registered Vet Technician who is on Staff here at America's Teaching Zoo.




Thank you for choosing America's Teaching Zoo!